A&A agency

Personalised service, quality work: enjoy a complete suite of services to manage your building.

Our will to offer and to assure an irreproachable quality of building management in Luxembourg. With us, you will enjoy a professional team that knows co-ownership and knows the business at hand in depth.
To you, it means peace of mind and the possibility to follow up in real time all actions on-going concerning your property. You can visualize the deeds, the minutes and other documents by connecting directly to our website.

With A&A, you are sure to have a partner of confidence to manage your real estate.

The founders

A&A, it’s the history of a couple willing to provide à quality service in the real-estate domain. Combining their experience, they rapidly turned A&A into the partner of confidence for all your real-estate projects.

Ann Herteleer - A&A gérance founder

Ann Herteleer

Ann Herteleer, the first A, completed her studies of electromechanical engineering in Ghent, followed by a BA at the Solvay Management School of the University of Brussels. She worked in Belgium and Sweden for Volvo, to calculate the development costs of European Trucks. In 1997 she came to Luxembourg to work as a financial expert with Deutsche Boerse AG, to identify financial risks within the group. In 2004 she founded A&A gérance, a partnership with her husband.

William Arcq - A&A gérance founder

William Arcq

William Arcq, the second A, completed his Computer Science studies at the Graduate School BME in Ghent, followed by a master’s degree in law at the university of Ghent. He worked in Holland, Czechoslovakia and in Silicon Valley in the United States. He came to Luxembourg in 1993 and founded A&A with his wife in 2004.