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By giving management of your property to A&A, you will benefit from an optimized management of your portfolio and you can count on a regular rental income.

Our teams of professionals manage your property daily and assure a regular follow-up, so that you needn’t worry about anything! If your property is managed by us, you will receive services of quality, peace of mind, and all this while staying well informed of any intervention or action relative to your property, your house or your building.

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Because selling your house, your apartment or any other property can become complicated, A&A accompanies you through each step. Our advisors help you to define the best price for your property, based on a complete diagnostic of your house or your apartment, an analysis of the market and the competition.

They consequently manage the valuation of your property: writing an attractive advertisement for the future buyers with subsequent diffusion and communication of visible and performant aides. (website A&A, real estate websites, regional press, specialised publications…). We take on the visits of the property and any fixtures and fittings reports that need to be drawn up.

As real-estate professionals, we keep you apprised of any selling negotiations and with the selection of potential and viable buyers (by means of a financial check). We can then draw up the sales agreement and prepare for signature of the deed at the public notary. We will assist you on the day of signing the deed at the notary if needed.

We really take care of everything!

Heading for acquiring or renting a property can generate lots of questions and some stress. That is why our agency accompanies you in looking for a selection of offers that corresponds precisely to your needs.

We preselect visits so we can make you gain time and respond to all your legal and fiscal questions. If you are looking to buy a property, we can also advise you on the financing, negotiation the sale and even in drawing up a sales agreement.

Managing works, renovations and repairs, we coordinate the technical teams which intervene in your property, negotiate the best tariffs and best quality work, whilst verifying the technical requirements as to determine the precise actions to undertake: all this we manage for you! You can easily follow up on the advancement of your file via our extranet.

To let your property in the best conditions, give confidence to our teams. If it comes down to estimating the value of your property, or setting the rental price, or managing the files of potential tenants (stability, solvency), we take care of everything. We will also draw up the rental agreement conforming with legal requirements. It’s the reassurance for you that all is covered.

To make daily life easier for you, we can take charge of different administrative and financial tasks concerning your property. The agency verifies the rental payments and the budget payments. We also intervene in case of litigation or insurance claims (non-payment of rent, damage and repairs). To be able to have no worries we can assist you in your tax returns and participate in general assembly meetings of a co-ownership.

A real expertise in the market and service adapted to each type of property

We will make it our honour to select the best offers so you can quickly find the best property for you.

Why choose us?

Investing in a property is always an important step which should not be taken lightly. That is why our teams of experts accompany you and help you whatever your project may be.

The advantages of A&A Real Estate

  • A rigorous and varied selection
  • A personalised service
  • A team with qualified members
  • Your account accessible on-line
  • Clear engagements and in writing
  • A quality of service with regular checks
  • A certain notoriety in the market

I would like a personal proposal

They say it better than ourselves


A&A immobilier est une entreprise qui me permet de profiter de mon temps libre ! Je ne m’occupe plus de ma gestion locative et tout fonctionne pour le mieux ! Je recommande vivement.


Une équipe professionnelle et surtout efficace puisque mon bien a été vendu dans un délai très court et au prix souhaité. L'estimation de la valeur du bien a été précise et l'accompagnement a été permanent jusqu'à la signature des actes.


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Do you have questions concerning buying, selling or letting a property? Our team will answer. If however your have a need for further explanation, don’t hesitate to contact us directly.

Normal "wear and tear" is wear and tear that occurs despite the owner using the item
with care and caution. If the item is used as intended and if the wear and tear is
not due to lack of maintenance or damage to the item, any deterioration of the item
is considered normal "wear and tear".

No, it is forbidden to let the engine run idle without necessity, as it is forbidden to start motorbikes our bikes with an auxiliary engine in the entrance area of buildings, passages or courtyards of residential buildings. During the night the noise caused by the closing of car doors et garage doors, as the starting or stopping of car engines should not disturb others. (Art. 27 General police rules of the 26th of March 2001 as modified on the 23rd of November 2015)

As an owner of a property being let, you are generally subject to fiscal obligations. All rental payments that you may perceive are in fact subject to tax, deduction being made of the running costs (costs for repairs and maintenance, loan interest, amortizations, management costs, etc.)

Other than the cost of the property fixed in a contract between the seller and yourself, other costs need to be considered:

  • The costs of the deed (notary fees, other taxes due to the fiscal administration). In Luxembourg these rights are 7% of the sale price but a reduction is awarded by means of a tax credit, in case of buying a property to live in yourself). Pay attention, if you want to let the property, you will need to pay the entirety of the fiscal registration fees.
  • The costs of the mortgage which comes with the notary deed and the inscription of it at the Mortgage Office.
  • The cost of the mortgage file with the bank. These costs vary form one bank to another and are generally not very high.
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